Board software provides visual and relevant information on the execution of tasks and documents with the necessary level of detail – from the status of the execution of the selected resolution to the summary of the executive discipline for the selected time. Here is more about it. 

Board reporting in board management software

Surgical and high-quality decision-making by the organization’s management depends on the reporting system of reporting in the company, access to which is carried out using various types of reports. The development of company reporting in a market economy occurs in reasonably difficult conditions: on the one hand, international standards in the constant process of reform are influenced. On the other hand, the development of the companies, their management systems, and market mechanisms. Reporting users have different requirements: external users strive for the idea of ‚Äč‚Äčtransparency of corporate reporting, and internal, on the contrary – for aggregating data for external users and details of information to make their own decisions. Since the collection and storage of data on the activity of the organization is a rather laborious and costly process, companies look for new digital solutions to automate this process. Board management software is one such solution.

The board software is a universal full-packed solution for ensuring secure and efficient collaboration of the board of directors. It is a perfect platform for organizing online board meetings, document management, file-sharing, voting, etc. In addition, the program f is a unified system of creation, preparation, verification, analysis, and submission of a report through the Internet to all state control bodies from a single window. This system will be the optimal replacement for all resources that you used before to prepare reports.

The most popular board portals that provide reporting functions include:

  • Boardmaps
  • Diligent
  • Nasdaq
  • Govenda
  • OnBoard
  • Sherpany
  • DocSend
  • Boardadvantage
  • Boardeffect.

What are the benefits of the board generator software?

Board portals that also serve as report generators and software solutions ensure the following valuable advantages for the board members:

1. Security

The reporting is recovered through the encrypted channels, and to gain access to them, not knowing the password, it becomes beyond the power of even advanced programmers because when encryption, algorithms are also used in special services and banking systems. In addition, the absence of an intermediary in the form of a courier significantly increases the reliability of this method since a package of documents transmitted via the Internet is almost unrealistic to spoil or deliver at the wrong time. Also, in the working process, the documentation preparation takes place in a protected personal account, access to which is open from any computer with a pre-installed program, of course, with a login and password of the accountant.

2. Automated document management

The system provides for a set of frequently used reports displaying general information on document management, execution of documents, and users’ work. By default, users have available such reporting forms:

  • Documentation information;
  • Summary of execution;
  • Certificate-recall on the execution of documents and instructions;
  • Information on document management by correspondents and citizens;
  • Information about the work of officials/divisions with documents;
  • Information about the work of users;
  • Information on the results of sending documents.
  • Visualization

The software provides a visual display of key indicators for document management and execution of instructions in the form of a set of dynamically updated diagrams (a summary of execution, non -fulfilled in the order of the order, the number of tasks for employees, etc.)