Being an effective leader is a difficult task; unfortunately, not everyone can handle it. The key task of a true team leader is to increase the productivity of both the individual employee and the team as a whole. There are 6 essential insights every boss needs to know.

How to become a good boss?

Today, most company executives are well versed not only in professional knowledge but also in managerial competencies. We must remember that a wise and effective manager can motivate a worker to want to work and do his job as best he can. Jeffrey J. Fox argues that the key to the company’s success and efficient and coordinated work of staff is the “Big Boss.”

Even 20 years ago, everything was different: a loud commanding voice and management “on a whim” had to compensate for the lack of managerial knowledge. Gradually, however, the demand for a good education spread in the business environment.

Top 6 insights essential for a good leader

Let’s analyze 6 of the most valuable ideas that can make the activity and management of a leader more efficient:

1. To be closer to his subordinates

A person works to meet his needs. The quality of their satisfaction affects the workflow. Therefore, the leader’s knowledge about what his employees live and think is one of the means for the effective work of the organization. Unplanned meetings during non-working hours are a great idea. The main difference between such meetings for the leader is that you go to them, driven by the need to perform their duties, and end up having a good time. 

2. To be able to stimulate subordinates

Any human action in this world must be meaningful, so every manager must be able to create incentives to work. A person can work tirelessly only if he sees the result. In this case, the work will not seem to her a burden from which to get rid. On the contrary, if a person feels involved in all the successes and achievements of his company, it significantly increases his self-esteem.

3. To give a chance for a meaningful future

Every job should have a chance to come up with something better. Employees will take care of your business only after expressing concern for them. And the best way to show hope for the company’s future is to let employees know that you hope for their future as well.

4. To give employees autonomy and independence

Great organizations are based on streamlining processes and procedures. And still, every task does not deserve best practices or micro-management. Commitment and satisfaction are mainly based on autonomy and independence. In addition, freedom breeds innovation: even heavily process-oriented workplaces have room for different approaches to business. When you give an employee freedom, he will do his job better than you could imagine.

5. Pay attention to the complaints of subordinates.

Usually, managers are so protracted by everyday affairs that receiving another complaint from subordinates is extremely annoying. Always remember that a complaint is the most important thing in the world for the person who addresses you with it. 

6. Learn to delegate authority

The leader must remember that he is only one person. He can have 1 or 100 subordinates under his leadership, but no matter how hard the manager works, he cannot do more than one person can do. Therefore, the key task of the leader is to combine solid leadership with allowing subordinates to show their creativity, initiative, and individuality.